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The Paleo Guide

As a total beginner, we know there are some many questions in your head. Is Paleo good for me, how hard is it, etc. Find out in a glance...

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Paleo Blog

Everything you will ever going to need in order to train your paleo savage in you. From the basics to the most advanced...we got you covered!

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200 paleo recipes

Paleo Recipe Index

The most delicious and easy recipes on earth. All of them at very low cost and with 5 or less simple ingredients .

Jon Navarro

Location: Cleveland, USA

Hi, I’m Jon. My life passions are nutrition (the paleo style), exercise and well-being.

I grew up in a poor family being quite often malnourished, so after getting my Fitness Nutrition Certification, I wanted to create a site where I could help readers live a healthy and nutritious life.

I believe human beings deserve to live a long and healthy life by eating properly and taking care of their body and spirit.